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How are you all enjoying the August sunshine? This month I want to recommend that you look at the Climate Change Messaging webinar from Root Solutions. It has really important ideas about how to create climate change messaging for your organization. I took an earlier version of this webinar and found it interesting and useful.



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Free Climate Change Messaging Webinar August 23 & September 8

Increase the value of your environmental education campaigns by learning why most climate change messaging is not effective. This hour-long webinar introduces strategies from the most cutting-edge research in cognitive science and behavioral change. Many organizations have shifted people toward sustainable behaviors by applying these principles. New, free sessions for the West Coast on:  August 23rd, at 11:00 am PT and  September 8th, at 11:00 am PT.  Register for the free session you want from The Root Solutions.

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Climate Justice – Electrification and Equity

Electrify Now webinars – always available.

First aired – Oct 28, 2020.  Our panel, Oriana Magnera from Verde, and Charity Fain from Community Energy Project discuss why climate justice is an important concept, what it means and how we can support critical efforts to promote equity as we transform our energy systems to clean renewable solutions.