Thrive Partner Highlight: Nutrition Garden RX

Thrive East PDX is a direct action initiative that formed to build Community Resilience in the 13 neighborhoods of East Portland (East I-205) in response to disruptive events, like the pandemic or environmental disasters.

The presence and power of the voices of community members in East Portland neighborhoods is increased and expanded by our member organizations, and we’d like to tell you what they’re working on so that you can better get to know the people behind the names.

We’re kicking this series off with Nutrition Garden RX!

Nutrition Garden RX optimizes urban gardens for health and climate benefits. Their three main activities are:

1) Co-design therapeutic gardens and programs to address specific health conditions and/or general wellness.

2) Facilitate the transfer and adaption of these therapeutic gardens and programs to other communities per local culture and ecology.

3) Advocate to the (particularly healthcare) community the health and climate benefits of gardens.

Currently, their priority project is their Garden-Based Adolescent Self-Care and Wellness Program that supports adolescents living with high levels of trauma and/or diversabilities bridge into vibrantly healthy adulthood.

CALL TO ACTION: Nutrition Garden RX are looking for referral partners who want to:

  • Send them adolescents who would earn stipends for self-care and wellness programs this winter and spring 2024.
  • Send them adolescents living with high levels of trauma and/or diversabilities for longer, 1-year self-care and wellness immersion programs starting in 2024.
  • Serve as a workforce development site for Nutrition Garden RX clients.

Contact them directly or let us know if you’d like to get connected with them if you can help or if you could use their help!