Thrive on KOIN News: “Silence after the storm: Portland residents seek answers, reform over county’s lack of response”

On January 28, 2024 we sent a letter to our City and County elected officials demanding accountability, as well as answers and actions, in light of their poor response to January’s ice storm that caused a lot of damage and suffering to our most vulnerable community members.

Since then, at least one news outlet has picked up and covered our story. On February 1, 2024 KOIN News’ Joelle Jones did a story on Thrive’s letter, for which she interviewed Thrive’s Communications Coordinator, Sabina Urdes, among others.

Joelle Jones also interviewed Oregon Senator Chris Gorsek, who agrees with Thrive that the City and County “need to talk to the press, talk to the public, and let them know” what went wrong so that we can “work to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” The reporter also attempted to ask Mayor Ted Wheeler our four questions/actions from the letter during a press conference on February 1, and in the story, she shares that he exited the conference without answering her questions. You can read Joelle’s story in its entirety and view the newscast video at the links above.