Thrive East PDX Partner Spotlight: Guerreras Latinas

Guerreras Latinas empowers Latinas in the community to build healthy relationships with their partners, children, and community through peer mentorship, domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy, and workshops. They accomplish this through peer mentorship, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting resilience, leadership, and advocacy skills so that Latinas bring prosperity to their families and communities.

Guerreras Latinas has been organizing Latinx women in the neighborhood for over eight years. They have grown to a group of over 800 women who learn from and support each other. As they grow their impact, they are making transformational changes to the conditions in the community that make it possible for everyone to thrive.

Currently, Guerreras Latinas are rejoicing in having their very own space for the first time since the organization was founded as an independent non-profit in 2020. After staying strong through the pandemic and continuing to provide the same support to Latinx women in the community since they first started eight years ago, this year Guerreras Latinas obtained their own space through a partnership with Free Geek, located in East Portland on Division St.

Thanks to this partnership, Guerreras Latinas have a physical space to meet, connect, and create community, which is an essential part of the Latino community. But the partnership with Free Geek provides more than just a physical location for the group:

Their first Computer Basic Class equipped a group of 50 women with desktop computers during their Celebration of Digital Inclusion Week!

Keep an eye on this new partnership because over the next year, Free Geek / Free Geek Mentorship will enhance Guerreras Latinas programming with basic digital literacy training and computer education.

Guerreras Latinas recently joined social media, so be sure to follow them at @GuerrerasLatinas!