THRIVE EAST PDX partner Spotlight: Growing Gardens

They “Put The Power Back Into The Hands of The Individual” by:
🪴inspiring a movement of Radical Gardening
🪴teaching every Oregonian how to grow and harvest their own produce
🪴empowering a growing network of food system leaders
🪴inspiring them to advocate for a more equitable food system policy
�🌱 Their Home Gardens program provides individuals and families with the training and resources they need to cultivate healthy culturally-relevant produce gardens.

🌱Their Pre-K-12th grade Youth Grow curriculum gets children out into the garden to learn about nutrition, nature, and the impact of our food system.

🪴And their Lettuce Grow program offers direct support for incarcerated individuals through hands-on garden training and employment-enhancing certificate programs.

Here’s the impact they’ve made since 1996:
🌟1,800+ home gardens cultivated
🌟2,900+ students educated
🌟1,900+ inmates empowered

These photos capture the simple — yet powerful — process of garden bed installation: using a simple layering of cardboard, nutrient soil, hay, and clove seed cover, a couple of garden beds are started in late fall. Since it’s almost winter, the only thing planted is garlic, expected to come out in Spring.

A couple of other visits preceded the actual installation: one to test the pre-existing soil at the site for possible harmful chemicals, and another one to map out the beds. Now this family will be able to grow their own food, with support from Growing Gardens along the way!