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Living & Aging Well in Our Neighborhoods

Living & Aging Well In Our Neighborhoods

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THRIVE East PDX is a new initiative of EPRC that works to build thriving neighborhoods with innovation and new opportunities to improve preparedness and resilience for families and residents of East Portland. We promote economic development that leads to family-wage jobs and broad economic and structural improvements aimed at wealth creation and social justice for residents.

Live Well Café is focused on bringing together community members, people 50+ and people with disabilities in social interaction to experience each other and work toward common solutions that create accessible places in the neighborhoods. We will engage residents in discussions leading to planning for neighborhood improvements that are more age friendly and that feel welcoming to all residents. The Live Well Café Pop-up events are planned for neighborhoods in East Portland.

Thrive East PDX Live Well Cafe, Living & Aging Well in Our Neighbourhoods

Each monthly discussion will be conducted in person, in accessible community spaces. Some sessions will be hybrid to provide greater access and participation from the community.  

The discussions will focus on what agency we have as individuals over personal safety, wellness and creating resilience for ourselves.

Discussions will consider questions such as:

What is required from the community to increase the ability to shelter in place, be prepared and resilient in emergencies?

How can we develop mutual aid within neighborhoods?

Next upcoming event

Stay tuned for the next upcoming event!

Project Goals

Ensure a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion while improving the built and social environment of a community.
Building social connection opportunities and mutual aid actions that reduce social isolation.
Increase digital connections by expanding the available resources that residents know about and can access.
Support community resilience through gathering comments and perspectives focused on building community connections.
Compiling viewpoints and recording questions about actions that are favored by the community and that will help build plans to increase inclusive neighborhood environments.

Our partners

Thrive East PDX and our coalition partners are incredibly proud that AARP selected us for this investment to make East Portland neighborhoods more livable for residents of all ages.

Through this grant the Live Well Café project will engage residents aged 50+ and those with disabilities, in community discussions to learn about resilience and build social connections to improve age-friendly experiences in East Portland neighborhoods. This project is funded through the AARP Community Challenge, a Flagship grant. It is conducted in partnership with Historic Parkrose and the Centennial Community Association. We thank Alan DeLaTorre, PhD, Age-Friendly City program consultant for supporting and advising on the project.

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