Focus In & Train Up

Looking for education and inspiration?

Free online webinars in June and July!

Each month a list of free or low cost webinars will be featured on the EPRC website andlisted in the EPRC newsletter.

This training will be available for you to access at your own pace and when you want to view it. We welcome suggestions for training topics or new opportunities that you can contribute.

Image of a lightbulb with a leaf growing in it.

Electrify Now

First up is a series of short webinars from the Portland based nonprofit, Electrify Now
dedicated to providing education about the benefits of electrification and work to
accelerate the adoption of electric and renewable energy solutions through voluntary action and public policy.

Find them on YouTube at Electrify Coalition webinars.

Grant Station

FREE: What Nonprofits Need to Know About Smart Tech.

Presenters: Beth Kanter & Allison Fine

Smart tech is becoming embedded in nonprofit work freeing up staff to focus on donor retention, program innovation, and better work-life balance. Learn what’s needed to reinvent work and achieve transformative impact with an ethical and human-centered approach to adopting smart tech.