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Building Community Resilience to THRIVE In East Portland

Our Mission

Thrive E. PDX is a community coalition whose mission is to facilitate and support the Thrive E. PDX community resilience programs that benefit all residents of the thirteen neighborhoods of East Portland. Thrive E. PDX is working to foster diverse communities that provide opportunities for residents to THRIVE and not just survive by centering the voices of all residents, especially those undeserved and underrepresented by identifying and prioritizing programs that build neighborhood resilience, create connection and create thriving communities. Thrive E. PDX defines community resilience as “the ability to withstand and recover from disruptions. A resilient community has social and environmental systems that are less vulnerable to disruption and more able to recover and adapt when disruption does occur.”  

Partner Organizations and Affiliated Supporters

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Our Purpose

Thrive E. PDX will foster connections among residents of the 13 neighborhoods through programs that increase the capacity of families, neighborhoods and organizations to thrive and prosper.

As a coalition we strive to represent the undeserved and underrepresented residents by increasing resources and services that promote community resilience in response to disruptive events like health, climate or environmental emergencies. All residents, community organizations and agencies are welcome to participate in the initiatives and programs of this coalition.

Thrive E. PDX is aligned with the East Portland Action Plan and other community-based organizations who support family and neighborhood programs.


As Coalition Partners, we value actions that recognize and respect equity and inclusion for all residents. 

  • We acknowledge the racial, sexual and cultural diversity of residents in our communities including LGBTQ+, Black, Indigenous, and Peoples of Color as represented in our neighborhoods.
  • We promote equitable, innovative, resilient and forward-thinking planning for thriving neighborhoods.
  • We promote connection with the private sector to promote small business and entrepreneurial spirit in the neighborhoods.
  •  We strive to assist families to thrive and grow wealth with steady income, and have opportunities for education, food security and cultural stability.

Thrive east. pdx PRIORITY PROGRAMS FOR 2022-2024:

THRIVE East PDX: Community Resilience Hubs Program

Facilitating place-based community Resilience Hubs in each of East Portland’s 13 Neighborhoods

Thrive East PDX is promoting the idea that community resilience includes making information and resources available in each of the 13 East Portland neighborhoods. Project promotes community resilience hubs as place-based resources for community connections that promote “blue sky” events that are positive and affirming for the community. When extreme climate events, disasters or public health alerts and mitigations are needed those “blue-sky” resilience hub facilities become the trusted, disaster mitigation location that neighbors already know and are familiar with in each neighborhood.

Large trees surrounding a shady clearing.

THRIVE East PDX: Tree Canopy Enhancement for Shade Equity

In Portland, hotter areas of the city, called urban heat islands, disproportionately occur in the 13 neighborhoods of East Portland.
This program aims to bring together community and business groups to increase the number of drought-resistant native trees and shrubs to be planted along major commercial streets. We will plant trees and create shaded seating areas to reduce impact of climate extremes relating to heat in our 13 East Portland neighborhoods.

Thrive East PDX


Coming to East Portland from July through November, 2023


Thrive East PDX works to transform the neighborhoods located East of I-205 in Portland into a vital, dynamic and thriving area for families and residents that live there.

Our coalition of organizations and community members aspire to transform public policy and process from the viewpoint and perspective of the residents’ lived experiences. Residents of our community have vital knowledge and experience to address their and society’s greatest challenges.

Benefits of the Thrive East PDX Initiative:

  • Organizing and leading community engagement events and workshops that creatively engaging the underrepresented
  • Deep listening to all residents’ lived experiences and capturing their stories
  • Designing and helping implement inclusive economic structures, policies, civic processes
  • Build constituency and advocate with residents to recognize mutual aid and self-efficacy as a new way of building thriving communities that foster creating wealth and stability for residents
  • Increase capacity for volunteer run organizations to apply for funding to further Community Resilience
  • Foster an improved ability of neighborhoods in East Portland to work collaboratively for common goals

THRIVE East. PDX Community Resilience

Plan for East Portland neighborhoods

Moving Neighborhoods from Resilient to Thriving

Clean Energy Fund Committee Report

Devoted to Social and Environmental Justice

THRIVE E. PDX is developing a plan for Community Resilience to recover and adapt to future pandemics and disasters that broadly disrupt basic services.

Primary activities will include:
  • Collect and record lived experiences from disruptive event in 2020 from individuals and families
  • Identify activities/projects to address impacts on neighborhoods and families
  • Foster collaborative action to create a healthier more resilient neighborhood environment
Benefits of the EPRC Initiative:
  • Prioritized project ideas for PCEF implementation and funding
  • A Community Resilience Plan for 13 neighborhoods
  • A better understanding of actions taken at the neighborhood level to mitigate disproportionately adverse impacts of 2020
  • An increased capacity for volunteer run organizations to apply for funding to further Community Resilience, and an improved ability of neighborhoods in East Portland to work collaboratively for common goals

Community Stories

Thrive East PDX Presents

Alex Chiu and the Leaders of East Portland

Community stories made possible with funding help from Seeding Justice.


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